10 Ways to Parent with Natural Consequences

The Urban Monk

You can’t go outside without hat/gloves/coat/sunscreen!

If you don’t go to bed now, you’re going to be in big trouble/fail your test tomorrow/be cranky all day/have a hard time waking up!

Don’t put that drink on the edge of the table or it’ll fall/put a lid on this before it goes in the fridge/you’re going to spill that…

Oh look! The drink spilled. When we make messes, that’s okay. We just have to clean them up and think about what we can do to prevent them later.

Don’t spend all of your allowance/birthday money/lawn-mowing money at once!

Tip: Give your children choices.

Tip: Connect privileges with control.

Tip: Stay consistent with your boundaries.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you encourage the behavior you want to see!



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