3 Ways To Transition From Hyper-vigilant To Hyper-resilient

The Urban Monk

Staying Defensive out of Fear a Flaw Might Make You Disposable

Hyper-resilience looks like…

An Innate Trust in the Strength of Your Bonds and Abilities

When you spend all day planning for every contingency, with your shoulders in your ears, future-tripping catastrophes, you are telling your nervous system to be ready for an attack.

Obsessively Planning by Thinking 10 Steps Ahead

Hyper-resilience looks like…

Taking Stock of Now and Fully Building Out Your Next 3 Steps

Those with the urge to be hyper-vigilant are operating in a fear-based reality. Thinking 10 steps ahead won’t save you from simple human folly, the uncontrollable externals, or finding yourself in a quandary in the future.

Self-Isolating to Avoid Adding “Burden” to your List of Personal Failings

Hyper-resilience looks like…

Using Your Support Network with Honesty and Vulnerability

Hyper-vigilance can play lots of tricks on your mind — you’re alone, your suffering is unique, and what’s more, it’s annoying.



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