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There’s a parenting cheat code we don’t often talk about…

We don’t always have to bear the burden of coming up with consequences. Natural consequences already exist.

All we have to do is explain the parameters, set up the guard rails, and let our children make their choices and face their consequences — without punitive measures.

Burning your hand on a hot stove, for example, is a natural consequence. As parents, we don’t want our children to get burned. ()

But natural consequences occur without parental interference…

And sometimes…

The Urban Monk

The thing about toxic exposure is this: Everybody’s bill comes due.

Whether it’s cancer at 50 from breathing in asbestos or a shortened attention span now, it’s nearly impossible to escape toxicity. Even if you never drink unfiltered water from the tap, grow all of your own food organically, and clean your home with homemade products (endocrine disruptors on the side, please.)

Infants are born with over 150 toxins in their umbilical cords — that’s just a representation of the toxins an adult woman is exposed to during nine months. Plus, that’s only what stuck. …

The Urban Monk

Is negative three an option?

Actually, it is. It’s harder to plan for a baby these days — even before the pandemic.

Those in baby-having age groups are often starting later, or not starting at all. Economic constraints, healthcare costs, wage stagnation, climate change anxiety…

All forces have converged to lead to what social scientists are calling a “baby bust.”

There’s another side to that coin, however. The people who are having children are spending a lot more time meticulously planning the world they want a new child to join. …

The Urban Monk

Who hears their mother’s voice in their head when your kid is melting down?

Does it ever say anything like… “You would NEVER have gotten away with acting like that?”

Or… “And that’s why we used to spank kids!”

Or even… “So-and-so’s kid used to do that… they’re a very dangerous criminal now.”

Maybe not that last one, but who knows? Your kid having BIG feelings is a universally distressing event, whether you’re a brand-new parent, going through this rodeo for the fifth time, or a grandparent watching your kid try to parent the next generation.

One thing that parenting…

The Urban Monk

And make no mistake — if you have any money at all, you are a money manager.

Those of us not ranked among the financial 1% may not consider our relationships with money… well, managed.

But taking money in and sending money out is a system. Stashing money away and allocating money for growth is a system. Borrowing money and lending money is a system.

You’re a money manager — but you may not know what kind. And if you don’t know what kind, then you can’t perform an analysis of how well it’s working for you….

Although you could…

The Urban Monk

Some say they’re as old as religion itself.

Today, you’d recognize entheogens as a list of substances that could land you in hot legal water. To a select few — but growing — number of religious and spiritual groups, entheogens are plant medicine tools.

a chemical substance — most often plant-based — used to elevate consciousness for spiritual purposes (i.e., to bring you closer to or help you communicate with god or a higher power)

For certain religions — the older, the better — entheogens aren’t just ancillary materials. They’re not for partying purposes. …

The Urban Monk

Right now, you’re stuck in a financial paradigm.

Paradigms are cognitive frameworks. They’re the belief systems in which you function.

Paradigms can be grand, sweeping systems, like the internet paradigm most of us live in. Within that structure, we work inside of what we can do on the internet: shopping, reading the news, watching movies, researching papers, etc.

Or like our current financial system, wherein we are all functioning inside a credit economy paradigm…

Whether or not we believe that’s the right way to do it.

In fact, if you’ve ever tried to explain your relationship with money to anyone…

The Urban Monk

The FOMO of watching your friends make a killing on bitcoin…

Or discussing multiple streams of passive dividend income…

Or hearing whispered secrets about the latest hot pot stock that’ll have you retiring at 30…

Well, it can make anybody a little jealous, if not outright depressed.

After all, no one wants to work forever, living paycheck to paycheck. Rich people don’t even work for money — they work for assets.

And there are only so many hours in the day for your job, your side hustle, your family, friends, responsibilities, and…


Burning the…

The Urban Monk

Culture shock is sometimes subjective — but in this case, there’s plenty of cold, hard evidence to prove it.

Seeing Europeans leave jugs of milk on the counter overnight would certainly cause an American to raise an eyebrow. (And for what it’s worth, vice versa.)

Of the top 10 countries with the lowest rates of lactose intolerance, eight of them are European.

Unsurprisingly, the United States doesn’t crest that list.

But our investigation shouldn’t stop there. It isn’t just that Americans are less likely to possess the gene that processes lactose. It’s that the cows are different. The dairy industries…

The Urban Monk

You can make a hypnotized person do just about anything, right?

Because of our subconscious eating habits, we’re hypnotized far more often than we realize.

I like to talk about focus — or lack of it. About why so many of us walk around like hungry ghosts. I spend a lot of my time trying to customize plans for people who are not in the driver’s seat of their own lives.

The competitive, individualist world we live in doesn’t allow us to address the true root of this problem. …

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