Spring Time in TCM — Plus, 5 Plants You Can Forage

The Urban Monk

Up and Out, Wood and Frustration

Springtime brings up certain cultural rituals that we often take for granted.

To do that, we utilize the vibrational resonance of spring. (If you can’t feel that, it could be an issue of focus — don’t worry, it’s very common in our world. Try this to help.)

Like fear, anger is a useful emotion, when applied responsibly and with intention.

In TCM, anger has a very specific range range of motion — Up and Out.

Organ-izing Our Feelings

Anger is associated with the liver and gallbladder the most. The liver is a yin organ. Its responsibilities include regulating both blood and emotional flow.

That means that one of the best ways to proactively support yourself is to support these two organs.

When those two organs are healthy and in balance (along with the other officials), you’ll feel forgiveness and empathy, steadfast assertiveness, fulfillment, joy, passion, evenness of temper, inspiration…

5 Edible Plants You Can Forage in Spring

Dandelions: Weeds? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely. You can eat the greens in salads, use the roots to make a pseudo-coffee, or munch on the greens as a snack. And their polysaccharides are excellent for supporting the liver and helping it to produce bile and filter out toxins.

Do a little bit of research about your local edible flora and fauna, and use the powerful energy of spring to get yourself going!



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