The Spiritual Conversation You’ve Been Waiting to Hear your Whole Life

The Urban Monk

The work and the discipline and the years of studying create an energy field around all of us that binds us to a shared purpose — to find true integration, and train the muscles that got us there to remember how to do it again and again and again.

When Rabbi Doniel Katz came onto The Urban Monk Podcast recently, I already knew we shared a ton of experiences.

Turning a Big Train Around

When he was young, he knew he was going to be a Hollywood big shot visionary filmmaker. He was Jewish, yes, but not particularly religious.

He had to shelve the ego he’d spent a lifetime building, and give himself the gift of immersion.

He had to admit how afraid he was of giving up his quest for success and following the path that all of the signs and revelations in his life pointed him towards.

“Almost all religion started in revelation and ended in dogma,” he said to me.

More Subtraction than Addition

Alchemy is more a process of removing impurity than creating out of nothing.

  • Our experiences with vipassana — a grueling extended silent meditation that turned out to be the best thing to happen to us both.
  • How halting the pain-aversion-machine we’re all on is the first chain in the link that binds us to the present moment.
  • The hairline difference between the nullification and inflammation of the ego state.
  • How the democratization of spirituality ends up sometimes throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  • Why spirituality without reconciliation of your shadow elements and therapeutic reckoning of your egos gets you nowhere.
  • Why true levity can only come from grit.
  • How psychedelics and consciousness-raising substances are ancient tools that require responsibility and context.
  • Why every higher-power-given feeling has its healthy expression.
  • And so much more.



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