The Triple Threat Response Team to Banish Gut Distress

The Urban Monk

The elements conspiring to rob your gut’s microbiome of its healthy bacteria have a three-fold plan:

  1. Tamper with your digestion
  2. Drain you of your energy
  3. And slow down your metabolism.

Those are the effects of a standard Western diet — empty calories, ready-made meals we zap in the microwave with complex glucose chains already broken down, heavy fats, starches, high sodium…

The hallmarks of our diet choices are log-jamming our digestive tracts.

That means we’re not only tired, embarrassed, and uncomfortable…

We’re also turning the seat of 90% of our body’s bacteria upside down. We’re creating an imbalance in the place responsible for the overwhelming majority of decisions in our bodies.

We’re starving the good bacteria that help balance our moods, affect the quality of our skin, manage our cravings, our headaches, our sleep, and so much more.

And then, once we’re fatigued and depressed, cramped and irritable…

We can’t accomplish any of our dreams. And when we can’t accomplish those dreams, we insist that it’s due to a personal failing, an immutable character flaw.

When it actually may just be biology.

With a really simple solution.

Feed your gut the goods it needs.

Just like the modern attack on the gut hits you from three angles, so must the solution.

Let’s make this digestible.


You’ve definitely heard of probiotics at this point — they’re found in yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut… really, any fermented foods with living bacteria.

These bacteria are the good, healthy bacteria that belong in your gut naturally. While everyone’s microbiome is unique, like a fingerprint, we all need these bacteria.

Specifically, the gut wants to see: bacillus coagulans (which converts food into energy), lactobacillus acidophilus (which supports normal weight management and a high-functioning, alert immune system), and lactobacillus reuteri (which keeps your bowel movements regular.)

But unlike how we know we need vitamin C, so we make sure to eat plenty of oranges and citrus fruits, we’re not always sure where to find lactobacillus reuteri.

Plus, once it’s in there, won’t it just get overwhelmed by the bad bacteria?

Not if you make sure you eat…


Prebiotics feed the probiotics. Get it?

They provide your probiotic bacteria with the strength and fortitude to protect themselves against the bad bacteria. But where to find them?

Recent research suggests that pectins, present in the peels of most fruits, are high in prebiotic content.

Pectins are structural fibers, so consuming them helps keep your digestion progressing regularly, moving food along the digestive tract.

Combining your probiotic intake with your prebiotic intake means you’re not only protecting the probiotics, but you’re also reducing bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

Those two combined don’t address the damage already caused by a bacterial imbalance in the gut.

You see, living with that imbalance means your body has already created a problem: free radicals.


Free radicals can be created in the body through oxidation, or they can enter the body through the food we’re eating.

Foods fried in oil or fat, processed meats, alcohol, and other unhealthy staples of the Western diet already contain free radicals.

What’s so bad about them?

Well, they damage the mitochondria of cells. By breaking the cell’s power source, the cell becomes unable to repair itself or replace itself.

The answer to the free radical frenzy? Polyphenols.

Polyphenols are found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, dry legumes, chocolate, wine, green tea, and spices.

And they solve your metabolic issues at the molecular level, so you’re addressing the root of the issue and not slapping a band-aid on the surface of it.

The monkeys on our backs, so to speak, are insidious and pervasive.

Every moving piece of the Western world is designed to render its population all but inoperable — we’re too bloated and sick to make any meaningful strides in our lives.

That’s why I’ve designed a product that combines the tri-fold answer to all of our problems in one easy step.

Click here to find out more.

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