Voting with your Dollar in a Homogenized Wine Industry

The Urban Monk

It’s difficult to imagine drinking a vat of the $15.95 bottle of wine from the liquor store without becoming violently ill.

The answer isn’t so simple… but it boils down to this: Alcohol just isn’t made like it used to be.

Fermenting and the Gut

You see, when wine ferments in nature, it’s full of bacteria and native yeast.

  1. Alcohol itself is a toxin linked to inflammation and gut permeability — you know, the loosening of joints in the intestines (known as leaky gut) which allows foreign materials to pass into and out of the intestines.
  2. The fermentation process of most wines leaves sugar in the wine, which feeds harmful bacteria like Candida in the gut.

Alive with the Glory of Wine

Meet Dry Farm Wines.

  • Natural farming
  • Sustainable farming
  • Biodynamic viticulture and farming
  • Dry farming (without irrigation, only relying on rain)

None of the wines sold by Dry Farm Wines include commercial yeast, and they all keep filtering, new oak use, sulfite additions, chaptalization (adding sugar during fermentation), and chemical additives to a minimum if they can’t completely eradicate them.

Todd White, the founder of Dry Farm Wines and self-described “bio-hacker”, takes great pride in keeping his wines statistically sugar-free, mycotoxin and mold free, low in sulfites, low in carbs, and paleo and keto diet-friendly.



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