What is Ayurvedic “Food Combining” and Can it Heal Your Gut?

The Urban Monk
  • Taste (rasa)
  • Energy temperature, hot or cool (virya)
  • Post-digestive effect (vipaka)

How the Three Measurements Interact

Simplified, we can understand the principles of food combining as: If the rasa, virya, and vipaka of the foods you’re eating together are compatible, the resultant effect on your Agni will be positive.

You can pretty much count on your microbiome being overburdened and under-equipped to digest the barrage of food we send it every day. If you think about the design of the human body, and how little it has changed over the millennia we’ve been up and walking, no one predicted we were going to be able to eat a cinnamon bun in the morning, Thai food for lunch, and chicken wings with blue cheese and fries for dinner.

Not that we should be doing that, but the fact that it’s even a possibility — and that there are generations being raised now who won’t remember a time when it wasn’t a possibility — means our gut microbiomes are struggling to keep up.

What’s Your Microbiome Got to Say?

The principles in food combining make sense — but they’re also pretty subjective.



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