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Okay, So What’d He Learn?

He’s been studying psychedelic medicine and where it can be enhanced with technology in order to access higher states of consciousness for about nine years.

Here’s the secret we just don’t explain enough when we’re talking about PTSD, depression, substance abuse disorder, etc.: Healing doesn’t happen without safety.

Not that it’s better with safety, or that it’s easier: It’s impossible without first feeling safe.

And for someone suffering from one of the above conditions…

But we can take it a step further…

We have no evidence that trees worry about what they look like, or that amoebas are even aware they have an appearance. We do know, however, that those creatures are concerned for their own survival.

We’ve Got More in Common than We Think

DNA is the genetic code that is the common thread between us and everything else that lives.

(We’ve talked about this so much in terms of trauma — that now that we know about epigenetics, we know that if we don’t focus on healing, the changes to our gene expressions will get passed down to our offspring — that’s true all across nature. Just like how mycelial networks underneath trees change with the environment. They connect hundreds of square miles of ancient forest undergrounds exactly like the neural networks in our brains.)

The more we understand that the key to a calm mind, an unshakeable focus, the ability to remain present, and more lies in matching our patterns with nature’s, the easier it will be to achieve.

He needed something mindless, in a way.

He came up with the Apollo — the device that uses soothing touch to activate safety receptors and get people out of their survival networks.

  • How Pythagoras’ musical discovery still influences neurology today
  • The scientific value of the western hermetic tradition in kabbalah
  • What hearing your favorite song on the radio can do to your heart rate variability
  • How Apollo can keep you steady through moment’s you’d have had to try breathwork for in the before-days
  • Why connecting with presentness is a compounding ability, as is distraction
  • What it takes to learn to engage in safety
  • And so much more.



NY Times Best Selling Author, filmmaker, and founder of whole.tv.

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