Why Ranking Stressors Could be a Life-Saver

The Urban Monk
  1. Psychological stress: We know this kind. You feel overwhelmed and anxious from relationships, money, work, self-fulfillment, tragedies, etc. You can even see those whirling thoughts manifesting into tense shoulders and shallow breathing.
  2. Physical stress: This is the kind of stress we put on our bodies when we fall, break things, sprain things, get into car accidents, or force any other damage and strain onto our physical being.
  3. Chemical stress: This is the stress you introduce to your body by smoking, inhaling pollutants, swimming in water with chemicals, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, hangovers, etc.

High Stress

Start here.

Medium Stress

Medium stressors can be thought of as things that are important to you, but won’t affect your immediate survival, and likely aren’t in as bad of shape as you think they are.

Low Stress

Low stressors are wants, desires, extras that we don’t want to think about not having.

Separating “I can’t get take-out right now” from “I can barely pay my mortgage” helps you to see what the take-out really is — a low stressor that barely affects your real life.

Helping to strip power from low and medium stressors goes a long way in reprioritizing our worries, and eventually, allowing our mitochondria to do their best energy-creating work.

When that gets better, and our cells can repair themselves and trade useful parts, we actually end up generating more energy altogether to dedicate to fixing our problems.

It can get pretty confusing — but that’s why we’ve released an entire nine-episode docu-series to explain not only where energy comes from, but how we’ve twisted the system so deeply it’s not even close to functioning at peak capacity.



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