You’re Probably Lacking in These Energy-Giving Nutrients…

The Urban Monk

What would actually make a difference in our energy, our attitudes, our forward outlook, and our daily routines…

Is proper nutrition.

And the truth is, we all know that (maybe deep, deep down).


You may have heard of L-theanine before.


This is a type of single-celled microbe, in the blue-green-algae family. It’s totally possible you’re getting none of this in your diet right now.


This tough-to-find herb does all kinds of things. Mainly, the herb and its roots are used to get energized, promote endurance, build strength, and aid in mental elasticity.


Another amino acid, found most often in meats like chicken and beef but also in squash, seeds, beans, and eggs, you’ll feel it if you’re low on leucine.

In order for muscle protein synthesis to happen, energy needs to be produced. That’s what leucine does — increases glucose, mitochondria creation, and fatty acid oxidation.

This makes it essential for continued and consistent energy, too. You want to feel an even wave of energy all day long. Not the high/low game of coffee and sodas.



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